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April 07, 2014

From Ron—
Spending the day with Mark is like spending the day with a good friend. Someone who will tell you the truth, based on his past experiences. I visited Mark for the first time several years ago, and attended the Tour of the operation on San Marcos Place. Mark’s hands on knowledge and willingness to share what works, and what didn’t work, will prove invaluable. That short few hours that I spent on the tour saved me money and time, as I learned from Marks challenges and successes he has experienced developing his operations. Actually seeing a working farm of this type opened my eyes to many of the things that I may have overlooked or not placed enough importance on in my own planning. I highly recommend, if you are thinking of aquaponic farming as something you want to be involved in, that you too invest some time into doing the tour of Rhibafarms. I really enjoyed my second visit with you, Mark!

From Dave—
Let me start by saying I can’t wait for my second visit with Mark at Rhiba Farms! My partner Ron and I are in the final planning stages of starting our farming business in Southern Nevada, including the Las Vegas region. Our operations will include aquaponics as a core element, surrounding several other components of what we envision to be a well rounded farm, including micro greens and wheatgrass. I have studied several operators from around the U.S. and abroad, and really feel fortunate to have met Mark at this stage of our journey into this amazing business. We visited Rhibafarms on Sunday, March 31st, 2014.
His processes in place to ensure he is delivering the highest quality produce are really extensive, which parallels our way of thinking as well. I could write a short book on Chicken Town alone! Quite cool stuff going on at his primary farm, where further innovations are happening that got our creative juices flowing! We will be visiting again soon for a bit more hands-on and I sure look forward to it.

Thanks again,
Ron Evans and Dave Martin
Las Vegas, Nevada

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