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There’s not one of you out there reading this that does not come from a time when you were chiseled. You were the man/woman of steel and had enough energy to summit Everest and conquer the Burrito Supreme - Enchilada Style. We ate, drank, exercised, and lived life without a second thought about nutrition, probiotics and real food. Our metabolism raced ahead of our wildest expectations... and life was good. Remember?

Forty years later, here we sit. The menu in front of us reads much differently.... cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, lower respiratory infections and more. Oh yes, don’t forget parenthood and the displacement of exercise time with sports parent sitting on bleachers time. Your kids graduate from high school and the fortunate ones again find themselves sitting on collegiate bleachers while our bodies literally decay from within.

That is where my story begins. Neuropathic foot pain so bad I can hardly walk, much less return balls on the tennis court, ride my racing bike on a flat straight-a-way and loosen up frozen joints in yoga class. A classic image of someone playing the ‘back nine’. Overweight and under educated about sugar, nutrition and real food.

On the advice of a nutrition consultant friend, I made the trip from Scottsdale to Gilbert. I jump off the 202 and take Greenfield Road north to Frye, where I turn east to Rhiba Farms. There I meet organic farmer, Mark Rhine, the super star of hard core nutrient dense food. The curator of aquaponic pool orchestra supported by the always entertaining wild range chicken glee club, laying the most delicious, protein rich tan-colored eggs you can imagine.

I picked up my first Farm Box of food yesterday at Whole Foods in Phoenix. Yellow Taxi tomatoes, White Satin carrots, Detroit Red beets with greens, hibiscus cinnamon tea, fresh basil and Ranch House Raw Honey. Picking up a fresh box of food every Thursday, I have officially taken leave of the processed food mentality, discarded the rhetoric and engaged an exercise regimen that will benefit from eating nutrient-rich food... a life-changing decision.

Why? Because time is no longer on my side. The decay has already begun. It has taken me years to find Mark Rhine and Rhibafarms. Regardless of the menu of health concerns you may be facing, do yourself and your family a favor... drive to Gilbert, meet Mark and take his Ranch House Tour. Be entertained and educated about the unmistakable power of organics... grown right here in Arizona. And while you're there, pick up your own Farm Box and taste what you've been missing.

Real Honest Food... nutrient density that can change your world.   


How you see the world MATTERS,


Dan Watts

NextWorld Media

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