Hen - Plymouth Rock (Barred)

Hen - Plymouth Rock (Barred)


Here’s how it works: You pay for the room and board of one or more chickens in 90 day increments. We care for the birds and tend to all their needs and desires. Every week we will collect eggs, give them a light cleaning, package them up and deliver them to one of our pick-up locations along with any other goods you wish to purchase from the online market.


Adoption of 1 chicken = 6 eggs per week and you can adopt as many chickens as you wish.  Just scroll through our gallery of adoptable chickens under the Adopt-a-chicken tab above.  When you find the chicken for you, click “Add to cart” to get started with the adoption process.

Need more info about our eggs?  Click here  to read about why our eggs are so much better than store bought eggs.

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