Growing Practices

Knowing that your food is grown using natural processes with no harmful chemicals is one of the most important factors to eating healthy. It’s really all about the inputs. Healthy nutrient dense produce needs good seed, good water and good soil. In other words, your food’s food needs to be good for your food to be good.

At Rhibafarms we do all we can to feed our plants healthy.  It all starts with the water, the water we use has gone through a reverse osmosis filter and structuring units to get the water as uncontaminated as possible. The plants growing in our aquaponics systems get water that is packed with nutrients and we test the pH levels in the water twice daily to insure it is at optimum levels.Where we grow in the soil, we are constantly making efforts to energize the growing medium.. As we all know the Phoenix area has been chemical farmed since the sixties. What little topsoil that was here has been gone for years. DDT was widely used across the valley to kill pests. Once the soil had died and no more food could be grown profitably, no matter how much water and  chemicals that were applied, the land was sold to developers to build homes. We believe that the desert can reheel itself, with a little bit of help.  In our study of biodynamic  and aquaponic farming we believe we can rebuild the desert soil and bring back to life this precious growing medium. We compost organic materials, grow cover crops to rebuild nutrient density , raise organic chickens and use their manure to re-vitalize the harsh Phoenix clay. The soil we work on gets all the care we can give and we pick up any remaining deficiencies for the plants with organic foliar sprays.

Great efforts are made to ensure that the seed we use is certified organic. In the few cases where we can’t get organic seed, we make sure that it is coming from a good home.  All the seed is tracked in our computer system just incase we find a problem, we can trace it back to our suppliers.

We do not have a certified organic seal on our food, but we offer better piece of mind than any seal can provide, we invite you the consumer to come see our farm and witness our growing practices first hand.