History Of Rhibafarms



Mark Rhine, Rhibafarms OwnerProviding the Phoenix area with access to naturally grown, nutrient dense produce isn’t what we thought we would be doing when we first started a business together. It just sort of happened, but providing people with good food is now our passion and we are serious about doing it. We operated a good size low voltage contracting company out of the building that is now our urban farm in Chandler. We built a greenhouse behind the building to grow food for ourselves, our families and our friends. Shortly after the greenhouse construction was finished, we noticed a lack of a local resource for wheatgrass. So naturally we started to grow wheatgrass for juice bars and home juicers around the valley, and we haven't looked back since.

The low voltage contracting business is now sold but the greenhouse remains and is accompanied by our commercial aquaponics system. In addition to the urban farm we now have a ranch property in Gilbert and we are growing much more than wheatgrass! Rhibafarms now produces pounds of aquaponic lettuce, bundles of veggies, baskets of fruit and our own signature food items reaped from the veggies that we sow. On top of all that, we are also raising free range - cage free chickens and giving our customers the unique opportunity to adopt a chicken of their own. You fund the bird's care, we keep the chicken happy and you get the eggs! We have not only been growing food, we have been growing a relationship with our community and the people who stay healthy with our goods.